If you could create a different life…

If you KNEW YOU couldn’t fail… 

If procrastination wasn’t holding you back…

As a life coach I help those who feel stuck, those seeking change in their career or personal life and those who are not sure if they can make changes on their own. 

If you…

  • feel frustrated or unhappy with your current situation but are not sure how to change it or what to do next

  • have a vision or hope for the future but don’t know where to begin to achieve it

  • often describe yourself as stressed, overwhelmed or un-motivated

  • know that you are limiting your life by procrastinating

  • find it difficult to make the choices that are right for you

I can help…

My coaching is practical and focuses on your options and the control you have over your future. As your life coach I will enable you to identify possibilities and you'll gain the confidence to make important decisions.

As career change is often an area of focus for my clients each of my packages include the option to use some of our coaching time to develop a CV that showcases your skills. We can work together to take the practical steps towards your new career including job searches and preparing for interviews.

I appreciate that for some people contacting a life coach can feel daunting. Please see my free consultation page for details about how I work to ensure that everyone who contacts me feels confident and knows what to expect.


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