About ME


Hello, I’m Laura, a life coach based in London. I coach people who feel stuck and are seeking change in their career or personal life. I can support you to become clear on your goals, identify your options, find motivation, gain confidence and take steps to improve your life.

As career change is often an area of focus for my clients each of my packages include the options to use some of our coaching time to develop a CV that showcases your skills. We can work together to take the practical steps towards your new career including job searches and preparing for interviews.

With sixteen years experience in education, the public sector, strategic planning and project management my coaching approach is logical and methodical. I use my experience as a consultant, qualified teacher and company director to enable my clients to identify and achieve their goals. I am a fully certificated and insured practitioner life coach. I completed my training with the London Pure Coaching Academy. I have a specific interest, and further qualifications, in the field of stress management and performance coaching.


I am practical - I focus on real life steps that you can take right from our first session together. I know that when people are stuck they need real, practical support to start making changes. I take great pride in providing this and my clients often comment that they didn’t realise how much control they had over their own happiness and success.

I ask insightful questions - When people feel stuck and haven't been able to make changes on their own they need thought provoking questions to uncover the limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding them back. I will enable you to identify possibilities that you haven’t yet thought of. My sole focus is you and the choices you can make to improve your life.

I know you are busy - I understand that clients want to to see results but are also often juggling other demands and responsibilities. I will help you be accountable for the changes that you have committed to make but will ensure that we break down into manageable steps the actions that you need to take. We will also build in some strategies to ensure that you don't feel overwhelmed. I will help you to stay strong and focussed through the changes you know you need to make.

I value your investment - I understand that coaching is an important investment of time and money. I truly want to see you succeed and will ensure our sessions are tailored to you and what you actually need.

I appreciate that for some people contacting a life coach can feel daunting. Please read about my free consultation and how I work to ensure that everyone who contacts me feels confident and knows what to expect.


How do you choose the right life coach? Simple, just choose Laura now! To be honest I was really sceptical. I contacted Laura because important people in my life were telling me to do something - they knew how unhappy I was. I felt stressed, lacked confidence and was stuck in a job I no longer enjoyed. Going into the first session I believed that no one would be able to help me move forward… I couldn’t have been more wrong. Laura asked the right questions, helped me work through some limiting beliefs and made my options clear. She then developed a fantastic new CV for me and I haven’t looked back. I am now working in a whole new sector and love my job! I no longer feel overwhelmed and I can finally trust my judgement and put myself first. Amazing! I tell everyone to have a free consultation call with Laura and you won’t look back! Thank you Laura! Liz, London September 2019
Laura quickly got to the root of why I felt stuck. She asked insightful questions and identified why I hadn’t be able to make decisions. Laura carefully explored my mindset and how to address and overcome some of the things that were keeping me from moving forward. Coaching with Laura exceeded my expectations. I understand myself so much better and have made important life changing decisions in a short amount of time. Highly recommend!
Stephen, London - August 2019