About ME


Hello, I’m Laura, a life coach based in London. I work with coaching clients to find creative solutions that make a lasting positive difference. I empathise with my clients and explore their strengths, limiting beliefs and passions. I take great pride in providing practical advice and support that enables my clients to identify what is holding them back and the steps they can take right now to improve their current situation. My clients often comment that they didn’t realise how much control they had over their own happiness and success.

With sixteen years experience in education, the public sector, strategic planning and project management my coaching approach is logical and methodical. I use my experience as a qualified teacher, consultant and company director to enable my clients to identify and achieve their goals.

I am a certificated practitioner life coach and completed my training with the London Pure Coaching Academy. I have a specific interest, and qualifications, in the field of stress management coaching.


I am practical - I focus on real life steps that you can take right from our first session together. 

I ask illuminating questions - I know that when people feel stuck and haven't been able to make changes on their own they often need thought provoking questions that will enable them to uncover the limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding them back. 

I know you are busy - I understand that clients want to to see results but are also often juggling other demands and responsibilities. I will hold you accountable for the changes that you have committed to make but will ensure that we break down into manageable steps the actions that you need to take. We will also build in some strategies to ensure that you don't feel overwhelmed. 

I value your investment - I understand that coaching is an important investment of time and money. I truly want to see you succeed and will ensure our sessions are tailored to your needs.  

Laura is supportive, creative and challenging. She helped me to take practical steps, make choices and take control of my life. I am doing things now that would have seemed impossible to me just a few months ago. Deciding to coach with Laura was a fantastic decision.
Adam 42, London - October 2018
Laura helped me recognise what I really wanted and that there was no reason why I couldn’t have it. From the first session things just started to make sense. I have felt confident enough to do things differently and with Laura’s support I have found ways to work towards a more fulfilled life.
Emma, 29, London - August 2018