A free consultation call is a great opportunity for us to talk about what brings you to coaching. I really enjoy these calls but I know that for some people this first step can feel daunting (my clients often tell me that sending the e-mail to book their call was the hardest bit!) To help you to take the first step this is what you can expect from a free consultation with me:

  1. You'll send me an e-mail to request a call (let me know in your e-mail when would be a good time for us to speak). I'll e-mail you back to say Hi and to confirm my availability.

  2. Once we have agreed a time I'll send you the number to call me on. When you call I'll start by asking you for a brief summary of what brings you to coaching.

  3. I'll tell you about my coaching style and how I would work with the areas that you have identified. We'll have some time for questions – ask me whatever feels important to you. We can talk about coaching options, availability and my coaching locations.

Following your consultation call you are under no obligation to work with me. You may choose to start coaching straight away or your may choose to take some time to think through what we have discussed – either is fine because just by contacting me you are already refusing to stay stuck.

To book your consultation call e-mail 

If you would like more information please visit my frequently asked questions page. To find out what my clients are saying and why they choose me as their coach visit my profile page.