frequently asked questions

How can a life coach help me?

If you are feeling stuck, and not sure what steps to take to change your current situation, life coaching can help you by:

  • getting to the core of the challenges you are experiencing

  • helping you to get clarity about the choices that are open to you

  • providing practical support, motivation and accountability so that you can make sustained positive change

Life coaching is for anyone who knows that they want to make changes and are ready to commit to taking steps to improve their lives. 

Will life coaching work for me?

I know how powerful and transformative coaching can be. As a coach I have a unique relationship with my clients. Unlike your friends, colleagues and family members I have no fixed views about what you are able to achieve. The time we spend together is dedicated to you. Time to explore your thoughts, hopes, challenges, limiting beliefs and goals. I am here to support you every step of the way. However, and this is key, I can't do the work for you. You will need to come to coaching ready to make some changes and commit to the coaching process. I will ensure that you have the motivation, tools, practical support and confidence to make things happen and see results. 

What is your coaching approach?

I am curious, insightful and practical. I will look at the challenges that you bring to coaching from different angles. I will work with you to discover what is keeping you stuck and the practical steps you can take. I am person centred and approach the coaching relationship with empathy. Therefore, when we first start working together I will ensure that I understand how you like to work. We will discuss what you want to achieve, the challenges you are facing and anything you have already tried. I will help you to work through your options and towards choices and action. My coaching doesn’t follow a fixed session format and as such we will always ensure that our coaching time together is focusing on the areas that are most important to you.

what if i don't know exactly what i want? 

This is common and coming to coaching not knowing exactly what you want to change or achieve yet is fine. A general sense of feeling stuck and not being able to move forward are often reasons that clients come to work with me. Knowing that you want to make changes, are ready to take action and invest in yourself is all you need to begin coaching. 

Is life coaching the same as personal counselling or therapy?

No, a life coach is trained to help people to see clearly where they are today and then to find ways to help them to move forwards towards their goals. They provide their clients with tools and strategies and work with them to understand the present and to plan for the future.

A counsellor is someone who creates a safe and supportive space to help people to discuss problems in their lives both in the present and the past. They explore situations that are causing emotional distress or are impairing someone’s ability to function well.

Where do you coach clients face to face?

I coach clients face to face at my offices in London Bridge and South London. For clients who are unable to meet for face to face coaching I offer flexible telephone coaching. This is how I am able to coach clients across the country and around the world. Some clients choose to travel and meet me for an initial face to face session and then move to phone coaching. At times I am able to offer some flexibility regarding alternative coaching locations within London. For face to face coaching outside of London special arrangements, including travel and time expenses, are sometimes made. All coaching options can be discussed during your free consultation call.

Can I purchase top up coaching sessions?

Yes. Once you have worked with me through one of my coaching packages you will have the opportunity to purchase any additional top up coaching sessions that you may need. These may be used to support you to embed the changes that you have already made or to help you in making further positive changes.


I will invoice you for packages or sessions in advance and will ask that you make payments by bank transfer. 

Have I missed anything? feel free to e-mail any questions that you may still have to:  

I appreciate that for some people contacting a life coach can feel daunting. Please read about my free consultation and how I work to ensure that everyone who contacts me feels confident and knows what to expect.

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