free curiosity call

A free curiosity call is a great opportunity for us to talk about what brings you to coaching. I really enjoy these calls. I get to speak to new people, explain the coaching process and help those who are curious decide if they are ready to begin coaching with me. When you book in for your free curiosity call with me, you are under no obligation to continue coaching. To book a call e-mail and let me know when would be a good time for us to talk.

Taking this first step to contact a life coach can be daunting (my clients tell me that sending the e-mail to book their call was the hardest bit) but by challenging yourself to reach out for help you will be taking charge of your life and refusing to stay stuck. I look forward to speaking with you and to giving you all the information that you need. 


Imagine working with someone whose single focus is you and the positive choices you could make to improve your life. To decide which package is right for you or to talk through any questions that you may have book your free curiosity call. e-mail